Bulls Broncs & Barrels

Slack Starting Time 12pm
Entries Due by January 24th to be in the Draw or until filled.

February 4-5, 2022

R and J Arena

Barrel Racing Registration

Horse Entries

Saturday Entries Closed


1 run w/ 60 Sec. Time Limit.

9-10am - All Pre-Entered Exhibitions (only accepting 50 exhibitions from 9-10) (pre-entered exhibitions ONLY GOOD FROM 9-10AM) - selling 50 only from 9-10am.

10-11:30am Open Exhibitions (pay cash at gate 1st come 1st serve).

Friday Exhibitions Sold Out

Saturday Exhibitions Sold Out

Sundby’s Enterprises and all affiliates are not responsible for any loss or damage that may occur to you, your horse, your tack & any of your family members or property.

It is your responsibility to carry insurance on these things. It is impossible to cover in this list of rules every instance of ever occurrence that may be dealt with. I expressly waive and release any and all claims for personal injury or any claim which I may now or in the future against this events, its officers, directors, promoters, staff arising out or in connection with my affiliation with the association or my participation in this event. Any and all decisions on items not covered here will be decided by the management and decisions by the management are final.
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Event Information

Barrel Racing Information: There is slack both days with the TOP 10 FASTEST RIDERS coming back to the Performance each night.

Performance Pays Top 8 Riders …. $200 Added to Each Performance + $20 of Entry Fee to Each Performance.  Exhibitor can only come back to performance on 1 horse.

Equal Payouts: 1D/2D/3D/4D 1/2 Second Splits, (Payout Example: 1D 1st Place will get same money as 2D 1st Place/3D 1st Place/ 4D 1st Place etc.)

Payouts: $300: Added Each day to slack … $50 of Entry Fee Added Each Day to Slack

Slack: Exhibitions from 9am-11:30am $5 Each (see more details below)

Barrel Race Slack Starts at 12pm

8am-9am Open Arena Time – No Barrels

Entry Fee Includes: Slack Run, Office Fee, Stall and 1 Ticket per contestant to rodeo (not per horse)

Full weekend entries will have priority over 1 day entries (limited to 100 entries per day).

Optional Registration

You can also print, fill and email or mail your entry.  Click here to view and download the registration form.